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Our Coordinators

Each Tribal Timebank member is assigned to a Coordinator who becomes that member's support person. Your Coordinator is the go-to person with questions. His/her mission is to help you succeed using the Tribal Timebank.

Sign up with your Coordinator to be assignedYou can pick your own Coordinator from the folks below, or you can sign up using the button at right and we will assign a Coordinator to you based on what you tell us about yourself.

Anthony Caole
Sr. Coordinator, Community Development
Angela Camos
Coordinator, Community Development; additional specialties: Organizational Development, Workforce Training
Charles Peele
Coordinator, Community Development; additional specialties: Economic Development & Business Development
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Angela's Picture
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Alaska Region T/TA Center Regional Director & President/CEO of Three Star Enterprises, LLC

Alaska Region T/TA Center Training and Technical Assistance Manager & Business Coach/Organizational Consultant at Three Star Enterprises, LLC

Alaska Region T/TA Center Technology and E-Outreach Manager & Business Development Specialist at Three Star Enterprises, LLC

Anthony has worked over 18 years in the capital projects development, municipal/tribal management and the consulting field, and has committed the last ten years to developing the systems to effectively manage virtual project teams with a particular emphasis on integrating members from rural Alaska. Anthony is recognized as one of the leading experts on municipal and tribal management as well as capital projects fundraising in Alaska, and pioneered the municipal-tribal merger in Quinhagak, Alaska. He has particular expertise in assisting communities with their administrative capacity building needs in order to maximize their competitiveness in the state and federal funding arena. Anthony is conversant on all aspects of tribal and municipal administration, budgeting, fundraising and financial management, as well as technical and personnel management functions and provides all of these skills in assisting applicants and grantees in their success.

Angela has been writing, reviewing and managing grants for over 11 years, with over 15 years in budget, program, and project development as well as process implementation. She has coached small businesses to improve their operations, individuals for professional development, and teams to strengthen their cohesiveness as well as processes. As the Training & Technical Assistance Manager, she travels around Alaska teaching Project Development, Pre-Application and Post-Award Training. She also provides distance and on-site assistance to aide in application development and project success. As an Executive & Business Coach, Angela works with individuals and businesses to implement their creative ideas, enhance their processes and achieve their goals, ensuring their long-term sustainability and success.

Charles is a resultsâoriented business professional with abilities in project management, business development and technology. He is an innovative thinker with a proven ability to generate ideas on new programs and processes to increase operational efficiency. Charles is an experienced negotiator with strong written and verbal communication skills, adept at both program and budget management, and always adaptable to change. As an Alaska Native who has experienced the lifestyle of a rural community, Charles seeks to empower other Alaska Native people through education, both academic and cultural. He also seeks to empower Alaska Natives through culturally appropriate economic development, capitalizing on the use of local resources, as well as by embracing the adoption and use of new technologies for training, collaboration and e-commerce.

Phone: 1-800-948-3158 ext. #1
Email: a.caole@3starak.com

Phone: 1-800-948-3158 ext. #2
Email: a.camos@3starak.com

Phone: 1-800-948-3158 ext. #3
Email: c.pleele@3starak.com

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